Cynthia Dillon was born in New York and grew up in Buenos Aires and Tokyo. For many years she lived in Madrid, Spain… Her work, as international designer, has taken her to many different countries and exposed her to different cultures…She is Host and Producer of the International Dialogues Radio Show which was launched in February 2014. In the space of a year (despite unwelcomed interruptions…) there were more than 39,000 downloads.

She is the owner,   Host and Producer of the radio show ( RepublicansAbroadRadio ) which she started and developed  in January  2009 as another  “communications venue”  for American residents overseas…. For 5 1/2 years Cynthia brought together on her radio show  the who’s who of politics, business and culture  from the Nation’s Capital and abroad… with commentary and opinions on the  socio-economic and political atmosphere in Washington, DC and overseas. There have been more  than 230,000 downloads in that period for RAradio show;  with a large following in the US and internationally. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Republicans Abroad Radio, powered by wsRadio,  participated in Radio Row, CPAC. 

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International Dialogues – a radio show bringing  the world of business, culture and politics

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