11/04/2016 Radio Show: Michael Barnett,Chair, GOP Palm Beach Co.,FL; Becky Norton Dunlop (Heritage) and Natasha Srdoč (Intl. Leaders Summit)


Segment 1

Elections 2016. Battleground State: FLORIDA. Michael Barnett,  Chairman, Palm Beach County GOP.

Michael Barnett is Chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party in Florida. He speaks, 5 days before Election Day, on the state of the races in Florida.

Mr. Barnett comments on the “Republican edge” (2,000 – 3,000)  over the Democrats in early voting/vote by mail  returns in Florida and Mr. Trump’s “solid 191 (Red State) Electoral Votes,” with many Blue States now leaning Republican. (He  has now ” taken leads in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Maine’s second congressional district. If he holds all these places where he now leads, he will hit exactly 270 electoral votes—and that’s without even counting other states with close races like Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico, Wisconsin, or Minnesota…”) Mr. Barnett comments on Mr. Trump’s relationship with the Palm Beach GOP noting that “for years, he lent us his home, Mar-A-Lago, for the annual Lincoln Dinners, participating as Key note speaker  and serving  as Honorary Chairman” Mr. Barnett speaks of  accompanying Mr. Trump to “Little Haiti,” and organizing the Roundtable with Haitian Pastors.  He remarks on Trump’s cordial and very respectful demeanor towards the community, listening to their concerns and offering support, especially after the Clinton Foundation abuses in Haiti.”   He also  recounts Mr. Trump’s visit to Little Havana and his rise in the latest  polls (19 points) with the Cuban community in just 3 days!   Mr. Barnett comments on the continuing erosion of support for Hillary because of Wikileaks,  the never-ending Email scandal and finally, Anthony Weiner… A Trump Presidency will bring an “end to corruption,  scandals, cronyism  and back room deals…by the Establishment.”  He suggests voting for the “policies, if you don’t like the candidate…”  He concludes the interview by recalling the Florida (Palm beach County) 537 votes which made all the  difference in 2000…adding that “we need  all the hands on deck… to help sprint to the finish line, otherwise, “it will be the 1990’s [redux]…indictment, impeachments…” He concludes by speaking of Senator Marco Rubio’s poll numbers…and wh “is beating Patrick Murphy.”

Segment 2

The View from Abroad.  Global Alliances.  Becky Norton Dunlop, Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow, Heritage Foundation

Ms. Norton Dunlop   served as senior officer in the Reagan Administration, in the White House, the Department of Justice and Interior Department.  Ms. Norton Dunlop is in Stockholm, Sweden attending the ADDE ( Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe ) Conference,  “a gathering of members of eight European countries sharing core principles….national sovereignty, personal freedom, free enterprise and  objecting the international bureaucracy…” adding that “UK politician and Brexit Leader Nigel Farage  will be honored at the conference” where she has been invited as a Speaker. Ms. Norton Dunlop comments on the similarities of the “world situation” in the  1980 with 2016, remarking   that “in 1980, communism was the threat from the Soviet Union, spreading  in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and within the US, including   college campuses,” and today,   “Radical Islam …  with the disruption  of civil society triggering  citizens’ [anxious plea:]  of  “we want our country back!”  But there is a  “movement”of people, a “remnant of people”  who are fighting back … Ms. Norton Dunlop speaks of the International Leaders Summit   in Jerusalem December 19-20, citing the importance of the city, “sending a message around the world…that we identify with the people of Israel…an ally of the US,  [enforcing] peace through strength…”  Ms. Norton Dunlop speaks of the Heritage Foundation, a think tank “founded in the 1970’s  with offices in Capitol Hill promoting core principles: individual freedom, limited government, respect for the Constitution, traditional family values, strong national defense.”  The organization has  been arming citizens with education on all of the aforementioned points, helping in the fight against the all-encroaching “statist” governments…

Segment 3

The View from Abroad. Election 2016. Becky Norton Dunlop, Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow, Heritage Foundation.

Ms. Norton Dunlop comments on her experiences as a conference speaker abroad promoting values and principles as well as issues that concern citizens across the world such as, Rule of Law, Property Rights, National Security, Borders and controlled immigration, limit of public spending, a strong Military…admitting  “it is embarrassing , that Rule of Law is at risk in the US,” adding ” it is shocking and appalling that the Attorney General of the US pleads the 5th   , refusing to answer  questions about the plane loaded with money to Iran,…a lawless Administration.” Ms. Norton Dunlop notes how the US should be(is) looked upon as  the “Shining city on the hill,”  and affirms that what is at stake in this election is the Rule of Law… pointing to the differences in the candidates, one who “violated security statutes” by using a private computer server for classified, government communications  and the other one whose “private conversations” via tape were [illegally?] disseminated  but who has followed the Rule of Law, including with his  Tax returns, noting that the “IRS tells us what we have to pay on taxes…” Ms. Norton Dunlop concludes the interview by speaking of  the Heritage Foundation, and how  the organization helps candidates/government officials, providing them with the necessary tools and information…

Segment 4

The View from Abroad. Croatia. Natasha Srdoč, Co-Founder Adriatic Institute; International Leaders Summit

Natasha Srdoč, author, economist, is co-founder with her husband, Joel Anand Samy of the Adriatic Institute and the International Leaders Summit.   Ms. Srdoč is  in Stockholm, Sweden, at the  ADDE Conference.  She also speaks of her earlier visit to Croatia and gives her impressions on the Balkan country,…which “did not meet the requirements (Rule of Law) to become a member of the EU.” She comments on the plight of the “journalists” in a country where there is less and less “freedom of the media…and corruption is rampant…” Ms. Srdoč notes  of “bringing exposure to issues not covered domestically or internationally…” the Human Rights abuses…(Ironically, Croatia was just made a member of the UN  Human Rights Council).  Ms. Srdoč  speaks of the meeting in Sweden, the need  to bring to light  the “common trend of people having less voice than the bureaucracies…”

The International Leaders Summit will be held in Jerusalem, Israel, December 19-20 at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem. Individuals from Israel-India-US- Europe will gather to discuss issues of concern…national sovereignty, Radical Islam, Rule of Law…etc.