8/17/2016 Radio Show: Citizen Journalism- V. A Ruth, C. Dillon; Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, Rep. of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the United States

Segment 1

Donald Trump and Congress.  Supporters vs. #NeverTrump-ers. Velma Ann Ruth & Cynthia Dillon

Reports by the MSM of  “hundreds”  of Republicans  against Mr. Trump (see for example, commentary  in The Atlantic or Wednesday’s Blog post in The Washington Post) abound… as well as a few    articles on   the   pro – Trump Republicans…  ( thousand, thousands and thousands…, poetically  described  as fringe, under-educated, “white, economically insecure voters....”)

Velma Ann Ruth compiled a list of Republican Members of Congress who are Trump supporters… (225+), ten times the number of those    self-defined as #NeverTrump-ers,…at 22.  The List (available upon request)  is structured on a “Tier” basis:

  • T6-I: Top Trusted -7
  • T6: Additional top supporting -7
  • T5: Unifiers – 76
  • T4: Endorsers – 83
  • T3-E: Endorsed, not named before the convention – 47
  • T2-E: Endorsed, hesitant before convention – 5

TOTAL to date: 225 Supporters

  • T3: “Non-Namer” – 20
  • T2: Observing, holding out –  28

Total to date: 48 position pending

  •  T1:  #NeverTrump-ers – 22

During the segment, Members in leadership positions (Committee Chairs in the House and Senate-those “on board with anti-corruption changes and reform”) are identified, as well as the  few who represent the #NeverTrump” movement… As noted by Ms. Ruth , “the #NeverTrump-ers  seize much attention and have extensive coverage in the Press, but in reality they are significantly outweighed by the sheer number of Republicans in Congress who endorse the candidate or/and support his or the Party’s platform….”

In discussing the constant “misrepresentation and misinterpretation” ( Soviet propaganda/  disinformatzya methods?…)   of Mr. Trump’s public statements, we note , as an example, his comments  on  Mrs. Kahn, the Gold Star Mother, who remained silent by  her husband  as he lectured Mr. Trump on  patriotism and the Constitution, while addressing the DNC in Philadelphia….Mr. Trump’s  comments  could also be interpreted  as   defending Mrs. Kahn  in public, in the face of “Middle Eastern trends of oppression against women…,” whether in dress , education and /or behavior, and not berating her as repeated in the press, ad nauseam. It is not the first time that a woman stands by her husband in silence…  We have seen many Western born-raised-educated women, publicly   humiliated, who have stood /stand demurely silent next to their philandering Lotharios and/or “crooked” husbands….


Segment 2

Citizen Journalism vs. MSM….  The “Trump Train” phenomenon… Cynthia Dillon & Velma Ann Ruth

Polls…Polls…Polls…  the sources… what the numbers mean…. We discuss the various  MSM sources for the poll results…mostly in favor of Mr. Trump’s opponent.  Since  the live airing of the show on Wednesday a lot has been discussed and written on the subject  (See:  Fox News; CNBC and MSNBC)… Forgotten perhaps is the  “one and only…“ crooked Reuters Poll” so described by  Democrat  pollster and pundit Pat Caddell….  (And here’s another one….)   What is Trump Train?  As Ms. Ruth notes, it is “democracy at work…, supporters of Trump’s candidacy… through the democratic process… media share, word of mouth, political dialogue, public discourse, people who attend events, people who support the campaign, volunteers, advisors…millions of people who have never voted in decades… Trump Train operates through social media campaigns…in a form of citizen journalism… “


Segment 3 & 4


Kurdistan Regional Government. Refugees, Isis, Syria, Turkey… Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, Representative of the KRG in the United States


Ms. Abdul Rahman  is the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (Iraq) in the United States. Prior to her US appointment in 2015, Ms. Abdul Rahman was the High Representative to the United Kingdom.  She was elected to the Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in 2010.”  Representative Rahman, introduced by Velma Ann Ruth, comments on the refugee crisis, the dismal situation of an  estimated 1.8Million “displaced persons, since the beginning of the Syrian conflict…” and the humanitarian aid available through the UN and the US…. Representative Rahman discusses the role of the Peshmergas, the Kurdish military forces, and their fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria…, “with the help of European, Canadian and US forces… as well as  United Arab Emirates, Jordan…”   (Read latest developments)  She also comments on  the plight of the Kurds in Turkey, the largest ethnic group (between 16-25 million in a single region,) and gives her impressions on the failed  coup d’état…