8/10/2016 Radio Show: Jim Martin, Chairman, 60 Plus Association; Joe Kaufman, Republican Candidate for 23rd District, Fl.

Host and Co-Host: Cynthia Dillon and Velma Ann Ruth

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Segment 1

The Senior Vote. 60 Plus Association vs. AARP. James L. Martin. Chairman, 60 Plus Association

James L. Martin, Marine Corps Veteran, a University of Florida graduate and businessman is Chair of the 60 Plus Association, a 7.2 million member organization which lobbies Congress on behalf of seniors. (An interesting anecdote…Mr. Martin, while Chief of Staff to Rep and then Sen. Edward Gurney (R-Fl) hired a young Yale graduate, who would one day become the 43rd President  of the US, (George W. Bush) to work in the campaigns… They have remained friends ever since…)  For years, he has been “the premier force behind the drive to abolish the Estate/Death Tax.”  ( Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump proposes “elimination of the Death Tax.” See Video ) Mr. Martin speaks of his organization, an “alternative to the ‘for-profit non-profit’ AARP…( “$600 Million” in revenues… today – for info, see http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/03/30/aarps-non-profit-status-insurance-income.html exposing  AARP’s (American Association of Retired Persons) “function as an insurance conglomerate and not a non-profit…” ) Mr. Martin comments on the history of the so-called Death Tax- passed four times by Congress… , “to finance wars,” in 1797, 1862, 1898 and 1916…but never repealed after WWI.  Mr. Martin quotes Rep. Kevin Brady  (R-TX) as having said “One hundred years later…the Death Tax is the sole survivor of WWI…”

Segment 2

The Senior Vote. 60 Plus Association. Jim Martin, Chairman, 60 Plus Association

Mr. Martin explains “how the legendary crooner, Pat Boone…” became the spokesperson for the 60 Plus Association… and describes him as a man “true to his principles,” in a liberal Hollywood.  Mr. Martin comments on Doug Schoen’s ( “Democrat pollster and ally of  Bill Clinton”) recent article, on the “forgotten swing voters…”  Mr. Martin recalls the time (JFK’s election 1961) when seniors voted as a block for Democrats… but  explains how things changed over time…leading to Sen. McCain’s overwhelming win (in this category) over candidate President Obama in 2008.  What are the issues of concern for seniors in 2016?  For Mr. Martin, national security is one,  “not emphasized enough, …our dependence on foreign oil…, coming from  countries which are not that friendly, … quoting  former President Jimmy Carter, who, in the 1970’s,   spoke then  of our ‘ intolerable dependence on foreign oil…threatening our economic independence…” Mr. Martin also notes, as a former veteran of the Korean War with a brother, veteran of the Vietnam War, how our military has been “hollowed out” by the Obama Administration…, and  the effects of draconian regulations by the EPA…( for info see: http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/24/epa-regs-to-cause-double-digit-electricity-price-increases-in-nearly-every-state/)… Mr. Martin comments on the key congressional campaigns (Fl., with 1 million seniors; TX, CA, PA…) where the senior vote can make a difference and mentions, as an example, Rep. Mia Love’s (R -UT) race…”targeted by liberals…”


Segment 3

Congressional Campaign. 23d District, Florida. Joe Kaufman, Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives

Joe Kaufman is the Republican congressional candidate  vying for (candidate and present congresswoman) Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s  seat… Mr. Kaufman founded a non-profit. “Americans Against Hate,” after 9-11; and  has done  consulting work for the FBI, Homeland Security and DOD. He co-founded the Republican Jewish Coalition of Florida. He  is a writer, on national security issues, for David Horowitz’s Frontpage Magazine. His wife, Emily, is Peruvian and teaches Spanish and Hebrew…  Mr. Kaufman comments on the recent developments (“back room dealing”) in the Democrats’ primary race specifically, the filing of a federal complaint on Monday, August 8th, by Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s opponent, Tim Canova, claiming the Congresswoman and former Chair of the DNC utilized resources to “undermine, interfere and track his campaign,” as exposed in the 80 emails (out of 19,000) “dumped” by Wikileaks…  Mr. Kaufman speaks of the composition of his district and the issues of concern…. the 30,000  veteran residents, “best among the best,” for whom he promises to focus on their treatment,  and healthcare… also noting the negative effects on the troops by the  “downsizing” of the military caused  by this Administration’s budget cuts… ; on seniors…  he speaks of his personal experience, having been raised by his grandparents, and the responsibility to safeguard medicare, social security …”contracts that need to be honored..” Mr. Kaufman also speaks of the abuses in elder care and our moral obligation, as a society…


Segment 4

Congressional Campaign. 23d District, Florida. Joe Kaufman, Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives

Joe Kaufman comments on the “Jewish and Hispanic ” voting blocks…noting the Administration’s “animosity towards the State of Israel…, exemplified in the “Iran Deal,” giving Iran now the “capability to manufacture nuclear weapons…” He also criticizes the comments made by Wasserman Schultz regarding the “Syrian refugees,” equating them to the   Jews in 1939,…” whose refuge ship was turned away from US shores…” Mr. Kaufman stresses the difference in the “offensive comparison,” the numbers of Syrian  refugees today  are in the thousands and thousands with no  adequate vetting process ( for info read what  FBI Director Comey said   in 2015)…Mr. Kaufman declares…”I don’t want to see the US as a dumping ground for Radical Islam…” Mr. Kaufman concludes the interview by speaking of the Hispanic residents in his district, their concerns:…for example, the  situation in Venezuela, the deal with Cuba….(another fiasco) “where Cuba got everything in that deal, without conceding anything…,”  continuing with  human rights’ abuses….  He also mentions his district’s high unemployment rate (11%)… and his views, “not against free trade but for  fair trade…” and  the effects of TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)…, where the US “is  delegated to  an inferior position vis-à-vis other countries…” perhaps agreeing with what   Sen. Jeff Sessions, (R-AL)  wrote in 2015… “These 5,554 pages are like the Lilliputians binding down Gulliver.  They will enmesh our great country, and economy, in a global commission where bureaucrats from Brunei have the same vote as the United States…”