8/3/2016 Radio Show: Burgess Owens, (former NFL star), author, businessman; Manfred Schweitzer, former US Diplomat on NAFTA

Host & Co-Host: Cynthia Dillon & Velma Ann Ruth

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Segment 1


Book Review. Liberalism: On How To Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies And Wimps.  Burgess Owens  (On Amazon)

Burgess Owens, one of the great football legends of all time, (he played for the University of Miami, the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders, winning a Superbowl along the way…) speaks about his latest book and  his reason for writing it… He calls it a “celebration of a great race…,” a great race harmed by liberal policies since the 1960’s.” Mr. Owens speaks of members of his race as “entrepreneurial, competitive and proud,” from 1865 – 1965;   pointing to  the nefarious  effects of the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 , (“passed with the specific intent of preventing non-unionized black and immigrant laborers from competing with unionized white workers for scarce jobs during the Depression.” The Institute for Justice)   Mr. Owens speaks of the WWII generation of men who  “decided never to be victims…” He has harsh words for the  white men,founders of the NAACP  and describes them as “… atheists,  liberals, Marxists and socialists…”  and for  the present owners  of the Black Entertainment Television, a conglomerate founded by Blacks for Blacks and now owned by Whites…,”responsible for programming…”  which incites  racial division… Mr. Owens speaks of   men like  Booker T. Washington, considered the most influential  Black educator   in the 19th/ early 20th Centuries…, and who, as time went on, “was ridiculed, attacked and called an Uncle Tom… by the NAACP… progressives, atheists, communists…” naming  John Dewey, the  “communist, progressive, co-founder of   the NAACP…, and the ACLU…, who was also  White…”



Segment 2


Blacks Today.  “There is no racial crisis, but an ideological crisis.” Burgess Owens

Burgess Owens speaks of the eroding Black “family”, quoting outstanding figures, “80% of black females are unemployed, 83% of young Black men are unemployed… and 75% of the men abandon their children…” Mr. Owens calls attention to the documentary by Dinesh D’Souza,  Hillary’s America,  a condensed history of the Democrat Party, which he says is very much responsible for the ills (social, educational, economical…)  affecting   Black communities today, and cites, as an example, President Obama’s 2009 bill that “killed the “D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, (94% of the participating families were black families)to appease the Teachers’ Unions that had helped him in his race to the White House…” (American Thinker)  Mr. Owens is critical of the “Black Lives Matter,” movement,  and demands answers from “those cowards, the puppet masters…” ( referring to the BET network executives) who, in his view,  are the promoters of  negative messages: “anti-police, anti-white..” Mr. Owens notes, “we can learn from history, I trace my ancestors to the 1840’s…I can out-work, out-dream [anybody..]. I don’t need apologies….”  Mr. Owens concludes the interview by stressing the need to “put our country back…on track…” with Mr. Trump…



Segment 3

NAFTA. Mexico before and after…NAFTA. Manfred Schweitzer,  Former US Diplomat

Manfred Schweitzer, a former career diplomat in the US Foreign Service  (Consul General, Guadalajara Mexico) speaks of NAFTA (North American  Free Trade Agreement)… He explains how Mexico  was before NAFTA, a “xenophobic country, with  an upper and lower   class system and no middle class in between… and  since the passage of  NAFTA in 1992, a country  with  a large middle class, with government administrations  enforcing  the rule of law and cooperating  with US [government]”  and adds that the  “net migration to the US has diminished in the past years…” Mr. Schweitzer comments on the impact of NAFTA on the Mexican (corn) farmer and the consequences…” Mr. Schweitzer also  discusses some aspects of NAFTA which could be renegotiated to support Mexican authorities in implementing greater environmental protection laws with US government cooperation, one of which could/would be restoring tariffs (with negative effects) against US companies doing business in Mexico…



Segment 4

NAFTA.  Environment and trade… Manfred Schweitzer, Former US Diplomat and businessman

Mr. Schweitzer  speaks of the “decades of pollution,” which existed in Guadalajara (Rio Santiago) before the signing of NAFTA (in 1989 under President Bush (41) which he describes as a “pure trade and investment agreement,”) and in 1992, under President Clinton. He explains, that   ”an environmental  cooperation side agreement  was included (although not part of NAFTA) in 1992.…” Mr. Schweitzer comments on Mexico’s economic  ties  to the US….( It is the second largest economy in Latin America, after Brazil… and  competes with China in the US Market -23% of US imports are from China, 12% from Mexico)…