7/27/2016 Radio Show: Gregory T. Angelo, President Log Cabin Republicans; Michael Barnett, Chairman, Republican Party of Palm Beach County, Fl.

Host & Co- Host: Cynthia Dillon & Velma Ann Ruth

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Segment 1

Log Cabin Republicans. “Beginnings…” Gregory T. Angelo, President (Log Cabin Republicans)

Mr. Angelo, President of the LCR, speaks about the history of the LCR organization, founded in 1977 (  today with 50 chapters in 20 states ),  “when gays gathered together in California to oppose the Briggs Initiative, which would have banned gays and lesbians, and possibly anyone who supported gay rights, from working in California’s public schools.” (Wikipedia)  Mr. Angelo noted that it was Ronald Reagan, then Governor of the State, who penned an opinion piece in opposition to the initiative, propelling its defeat at the ballot box…Mr. Angelo speaks warmly of Nancy Reagan, and her genuine support for LCR causes  through the years… He  also comments on Mr. Trump’s speech at the RNC Convention in Cleveland, a moment he labeled as “absolutely historic…as the first Presidential candidate of any party to reach out to the LGBTQ community…” A clear message…  Mr. Angelo speaks about the impact of Peter Thiel’s  (co-founder of PayPal and FB Board Member) powerful speech, as well as former Mayor  Rudy Guliani’s emotional address, Newt Gingrich’s presentation , and finally, the eloquence of Pastor Dr. Darrell Scott who spoke of  the Bill of Rights…for everyone…  Mr. Angelo comments on his participation in a debate panel at the DNC  Convention in Philadelphia  on July 26 and what he believes would/could be the composition of  a Trump Administration…mentioning an interview Mr. Trump gave The Advocate sixteen years ago…where the author of the “Art of the Deal,” remarked…”I would want the best and brightest. Sexual orientation would be meaningless. I’m looking for brains and experience. If the best person for the job happens to be gay, I would certainly appoint them….”



Segment 2

Log Cabin Republicans. Principles & Party Conventions. Gregory T. Angelo, President (Log Cabin Republicans)

Mr. Angelo speaks of Peter Thiel’s message, as a Gay Republican, recalling  his quote, …”every American has a unique identity. I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all I am proud to be an American…,” and noting the differences in “identity politics” between the Republican and the Democrat Parties… He also discusses the Wikileaks scandal…and what the leaks have revealed…: the Democrats’ unflattering references to minority communities… remarking …”they take the LGBTQ vote for granted…” Mr. Angelo also comments on Bill Clinton’s “weak” introductory speech in support of his wife, comparing it to the “compelling” speech he gave in 2012 in support  of President Obama and also noting his “anti-feminist stance” – as expressed by TV personality Rachel Maddow . He concludes the interview by commenting on the various events at the RNC Convention in Cleveland, especially the breakfast sponsored by the American Unity Fund with Montel Williams and Caitlin Jenner. For Mr. Angelo the Republican Convention overall showed “unity… putting America First!”


Segment 3

Republican Politics. Republican Party of Palm Beach County. Michael Barnett, Chairman and Advisor, National Diversity Coalition for Trump (GOP Palm Beach Cty.)

Mr. Barnett, J.D., speaks of his involvement in Republican politics in the State of Florida since his college years, noting he is the first Black Chairman of the Republican Party of PBC. He speaks of his experience in attending the Republican Convention as one of fifteen at-large delegates for Trump… He comments “of a unified party… putting aside any and all divisions…,” describing as affable “networking” what he saw on the floor of the convention between the attendees. Mr. Barnett comments on his role in the organization, The National Diversity Coalition for Trump, founded by Michael Cohen, comprising of an impressive group   of community leaders (of different ethnicities and religions). Mr. Barnett explains the importance of community outreach, of “attending church events and cultural festivals…and of working to help raise the awareness of issues affecting those communities…, for example, school choice.” Mr. Barnett also points to the “changing demographics” and the need to move towards “diversity,” citing Florida Republican Governor Rich Scott’s campaign outreach efforts and successful results.


Segment 4

Republican Politics. Elections. Party of Palm Beach County. Michael Barnett, Chairman and Advisor, National Diversity Coalition for Trump  (GOP Palm Beach Cty )

Mr. Barnett, J.D., speaks highly of  Donald J. Trump and his well-known generosity in Florida…, and “boasts”, as Party Chairman, of the fact that the presidential candidate was the “keynote speaker” at his chapter’s  annual Lincoln Dinner held in March at Mar-a-Lago… a  luxurious private club, which Mr. Trump opened to minorities… “ Mr. Barrnett asserts: “Mr. Trump…does not have a racist bone in his body…He is decent, humble and sincere human being, not the caricature portrayed in the press…; something his associates and employees [confirm]…”  Other important leaders in South Florida who support the Palm Beach County Republican party are Dr. Ben Carson and former Congressman Allen West. Mr. Barnett, in closing, points to Florida, as a Battleground State, noting its importance at the Convention… the delegates seated behind New York … And who can forget the 2000 election with the “hanging chads, pregnant chads…?” Mr. Barnett comments on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ congressional seat and her sudden fall from grace… (Wikileaks) and mentions the Republican candidate, Joseph (Joe) Kaufman who is running in a very blue district …