3/30/2016 Radio Show 1 – Ken Feltman, Past President-International Association of Political Consultants

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Segment 1

Campaigns & Consultants.   Ken Feltman, Chairman, Radnor , Inc.

Ken Feltman is past President of IAPC, International Association of Political Consultants. He is Chairman of Radnor, Inc. (http://radnorreports.com/) which has affiliations with political and legislative firms throughout the world. Radnor advises foreign corporations on US legislative and political issues.  Mr. Feltman  speaks as a political consultant, having worked for hundreds of campaigns including the congressional campaigns of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.  Mr. Feltman discusses political campaigns today, comparing them with those of yesteryear… speaking of  today’s ” dissatisfied voters…,” members of the now “mature” “Tea Parties…,” looking for “real solutions, rather than talking…” from politicians… For Mr. Feltman, Trump “has reached out to them…” This  dissatisfaction with  government and political parties, is the same…”around the world.”  Mr. Feltman comments on the role of a political consultant, in  “a profession of persuasion”  and  “intrigue”, who must remember at all times that  the “light shines on the candidate…”

Segment 2

Capital of the World. Washington D.C. Ken Feltman, Chairman, Radnor Inc

Mr. Feltman speaks of the “disconnect” between  the Washington “Establishment” and the rest of the country…  The Financial crisis of 2008 has left its mark in many states and communities…and people “are worse off today than they were even a year ago, with factories and retailers closing,” citing states in the Coal Belt…Meanwhile,  the Nation’s Capital has become , in the past eight years, the center of power, not just in government (bureaucracy) but media and finance… Mr. Feltman  mentions  several  foreign businessmen who have come to view  DC… as the epicenter of business!…


Segment 3

Europe and the US. Uncontrolled Immigration. Ken Feltman, Chairman, Radnor Inc.

Mr. Feltman speaks of the many (and similar) problems facing Europe and the US,… one of them…”uncontrolled immigration”.  He speaks of    Lady Thatcher’s adviser, Lady Olga Maitland , who once remarked …” Get ready… everybody will be getting on a bus, …getting away from some place…,” foreseeing (in the 1990’s) the “prescient (migrant) crisis..” Mr. Feltman speaks of  the problems that could/will arise from  “the deal between the European Union and Turkey which goes into effect on April 4th, 2016 to control the flood of refugees into Europe…,” and notes that not even  a “wall will keep out people from entering a country…we are going to have more migration worldwide…we should learn from the situation.” What is the solution? Would it not be better that any type of aid/help be given  directly  to the people in their countries, communities? Mr. Feltman recounts what  a priest in Patagonia Nogales (Az), once  told him about Indian migrants from Mexico,( who only spoke their Indian language/dialect and not Spanish,)  mistreated, abused and used as mules and drug carriers, ending their “American Dream” in jail … Mr. Feltman speaks of the situation in Syria, ISIS, the terrorist attack in Lahore, Pakistan,  and the Brussels  terrorist attacks… commenting on the mind-boggling decision, by the Belgian authorities, of  releasing a suspect, nephew of one of the terrorists …(to be rearrested.. as we write this…) (See: http://www.wsj.com/articles/paris-attacks-suspect-salah-abdeslam-to-cooperate-with-french-authorities-says-lawyer-1459415678)….

Other articles: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2016/03/29/commentary/world-commentary/the-eu-turkey-deal-will-fail/#.VvsrVqQrKUk;  and, http://www.newsweek.com/turkey-european-union-migrant-refugee-deal-441240

Segment 4…

 A World in Chaos.The 4th Industrial Revolution  . Ken Feltman, Chairman, Radnor Inc.

“As automation (robots) substitutes for labor across entire economies… displacement of workers by machines…” Mr. Feltman speaks of a “new equation..” and the “imbalance” created by technology …  Are candidates explaining the real issues to the voters? Mr. Feltman speaks of Bernie Sanders’ solution to “tax the rich,” …but as he notes,  the rich  have the means to “flee.” Mr. Sanders does not address the plight of the unemployed, displaced worker, who has nowhere to go…” Mr. Feltman comments on Donald Trump’s message of “I feel your pain,…,”  lacking however, any policy, plan  on how to create jobs… Mr. Feltman concludes the interview by speaking of candidates  Ted Cruz , John Kasich and what he perceives may happen in the case of a “brokered” convention… ( On the 4th Industrial Revolution: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/01/the-fourth-industrial-revolution-what-it-means-and-how-to-respond)