3/23/2016 Radio Show: Javier A. López,Cuban American Bar Association & Dr. Ekaterina Egorova

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Segment 1

President Obama in Cuba.  Cuban American Bar Association (CABA).  Javier A. López President  (Bio)

Javier A. López , President-Elect of CABA comments on President Obama’s historic trip to Cuba. He begins the interview by speaking of the organization he represents, its mission and history.  He comments on the importance of their work, in “raising awareness on systemic human rights abuses,( committed by the  communist regime) on the Cuban  people since 1959.” He mentions CABA’s  pro-bono work, its “mentoring program for young lawyers,” and the many “scholarships” it provides.  Mr. Lopez gives an account of his life, as the son of Cuban refugees who settled in Miami, the first in his family to attend university.   (Mr. Lopez is a litigation attorney and partner at Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton. Prior to joining the firm, he interned with the White House Counsel’s Office under Alberto Gonzalez. He also worked in the US House of Representatives for Republican Congressman Diaz – Balart.) Mr. Lopez comments on the letter sent by CABA to President Obama on March 14, 2016, requesting the President reconsider his trip… For Mr. Lopez, the letter was intended to help “shed a light on the dissidents’ plight”  in Cuba and the reason  why “it was not the right time for such a trip…” (See: http://www.heritage.org/research/commentary/2016/3/encouraging-real-change-in-cuba) For Mr. Lopez, the “deal” with Cuba solely benefits Cuba … (See: PBS : http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/what-does-the-u-s-get-out-of-the-cuba-deal/)  Mr. Lopez mentions, as an example, the case of  “a cop killer from NJ who escaped…living in Cuba for years and who should be extradited to the US and serve time…” And explains how the day before President Obama’s arrival in the country (88 years after President Calvin Coolidge’s trip) “The Ladies in White” or Damas de Blanco (Mothers and relatives of political prisoners) were arrested for demonstrating…peacefully (http://www.voanews.com/content/cubas-damas-de-blanco-going-to-jail-spotlight-obama-visit/3247676.html)… Regarding the Baseball Game President Obama attended, Mr. Lopez notes that the 50,000 fans were “hand chosen by the Government.”  Mr. Lopez speaks of Raul Castro, “more ruthless than Fidel…” as the rumor goes…and criticizes the “press conference” where it became evident how “visibly annoyed” Commandant Castro was  when asked about “his political prisoners” ( … Mr. Lopez concludes the segment by speaking of his Great-Uncle, Mario Chanes de Arras, one of the Castro brothers’ political prisoners…in prison for 30 years…longer than Nelson Mandela…  (See: Obama’s visit to Cuba, http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/cp/international/obama-in-cuba/video-keynote-speech-by-obama-in-cuba)

Segment 2

President Obama ‘s visit to Cuba. New beginnings. Javier A. Lopez, President, CABA

Mr. Lopez speaks  of the relationship between his Great-uncle with the Castro brothers… As one of the “5 commandants of the revolutionary army,” Mario Chanes de Arras knew the Castros very well… and when he chose not to join in their communist party  he was accused of “espionage, given a 30 minute trial,” and “sent to prison for 30 years, from 1960-1990…” With the help of  President Clinton he was permitted to emigrate to the US in 1993… Mr. Lopez recounts in detail  some of his uncle’s dealings,… with a “calculating and ruthless” Fidel Castro. Mr. Lopez shares his outlook, as a young Cuban-American, for the need for “open dialogue, for better or for worse…,” with the “lifting of sanctions/embargo, there is no turning back…” and points to  the lifting of travel restrictions, with the  Carnival Cruises starting in 2017… For Mr. Lopez…”the train has left the station…”   creating  the opportunity to “shed light on the systemic repression: no freedom of the press, no democratic elections…” He explains how his views “dramatically changed” when visiting Cuba in 2014  and saw   first-hand how the  “embargo”  affected the lives of  the Cuban  people… (See: Obama’s Cuba trip raises profile, but not prospects of lifting embargo in Congress, https://wwhttps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2016/03/16/obamas-cuba-trip-raises-profile-but-not-prospects-of-lifting-embargo-in-congress/)

Segment 3

Europe. Security and Chaos. Dr. Ekaterina Egorova

Professor Egorova, a Radnor Reports author, is founder and president of the Political Profiler, political and psychological consulting company based in Washington DC,  and founder and president of the “Niccolo M” Group, one of the leading Russian companies in political consulting and public relations. She has managed and advised political campaigns throughout Russia and in the West, including the United States.  She served as personal political consultant to President Boris Yeltsin. She is credited with creating the Russian concept of the psychology of political leadership and leaders. Prof. Egorova has published several books, e.g. “One Cannot be Born a Politician: How to become an Effective Political Leader”, 1993* “Image of the Leader”, 1994 * “Political Consultant “Political Advertising” (1999), “Political Consulting” (2002) and “Games with Toy Soldiers. Political Psychology of Presidents” (Including President Bush 43) (2004), “In the Fog of War: Offensive Military Communicative Technologies” (2010)…Prof. Egorova is a member of  European Association of Political Consultants (EAPC), International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC). She resides in Washington and Moscow.

Dr. Egorova comments on  Europe, the  terrorist attacks in Brussels,  radical Islam and the refugee/ migration crises.  According to an opinion article in The Guardian, Vladimir Putin “has an obsession with Europe…”   Dr. Egorova explains why the  assessment is not “appropriate,” stating that  “Russia is part of Europe.” Dr Egorova comments on the rise of the  far right parties in Europe as  a result of an avalanche of refugees…, Angela Merkel’s  “bad situation,”   her  government weakened by the refugee crisis. Dr. Egorova speaks of Bashar Al-Assad, the Syrian dictator, supported by Putin (defending Russia’s interests in the ME)…who will never resign, “and fight and defend …until death..” A despot,  like his father before him…Bashar Al-Assad, was more democratic when he assumed the Presidency in 2000. Dr. Egorova concludes the segment by noting that the “crisis in Europe is, in some sense, a  consequence of what is happening in Syria, North Africa, Iraq, Middle East…” (Secretary Kerry is meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow as we write this …  “…U.S. officials have described Kerry’s trip as an exploratory mission to feel out what steps the Kremlin is ready to make in Syria following the withdrawal and the establishment of a partial ceasefire there.” More)…

Segment 4

The Russian Enigma. Putin.  Dr. Ekaterina Egorova

Dr. Egorova concludes the interview by commenting on Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov’s comparison of Putin, with czar Peter the Great (Old Russia)…,  and notes “the need to improve his image among  the elites of society in the West”… Dr. Egorova speaks of the US presidential candidates pointing to  Trump’s “tough talk and ‘respect’ for Putin,”…is  well received  in Russia…  In her view, it is “Kasich , who shares common features with Putin, (humble family origins and a high need  for achievement) who would be a better communicator…” Dr. Egorova stresses the importance of “communication,” the “closeness of communication, the  foundation for constructive politics…” and notes of Putin’s reactions.. when humiliated… citing particular occasions… (Read: What Putin really wants…http://www.brookings.edu/research/opinions/2015/02/24-what-putin-really-wants-hill )