3/2/2016 Radio Show: Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra

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Segment 1

Politics. Primary Results (Super Tuesday, 3/1/16). Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra

Congressman Hoekstra, a former Fortune 500 business executive served in Congress for eighteen years, representing Michigan’s Second Congressional District from 1993 – 2011. He was Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence from 2004 – 2007 and the top Republican on the committee until 2011. Mr. Hoekstra was “responsible for leading Congressional oversight of the US intelligence community during its modernization to confront the threats of the 21st Century such as global Islamist terror and cyber warfare, including restructuring the intelligence community with landmark legislation following the 9-11 Commission Report..”  Congressman Hoekstra now serves as the Shillman Senior Fellow with the Investigative Project on Terrorism. Mr. Hoekstra published a book,  in October 2015, “Architects of Disaster: The Destruction of Libya” (Book Review)

Congressman Hoekstra comments on the Republican /Democrat Primary results, remarking. “Hillary will be the Democratic nominee, and we  (Republicans) are making  good progress…although not yet close to a nominee…” (He supports Governor Kasich).  Mr. Hoekstra “condemns” Hillary and Obama as the “architects of [a disastrous] foreign policy these past 7+ years…” and mentions, ” recent studies on terrorism” pointing to the “spike,” in “fatalities” from radical Islam, from 3,000 – 3,700 lives (2004-2011,) 9,000 in 2012 and 28,000 (2013-2015…)  [The US State Department has a whole section, “Country Reports on Terrorism”…http://www.state.gov/j/ct/rls/crt/]   Mr. Hoekstra cites a story in the NYT , published on February 28, 2016 titled  ” A New Libya. With very little time left,” coinciding with his assessment…”Libya, once a land of stability in North Africa…”  has descended into chaos…Mr. Hoekstra explains, how, “in her embracing of the Muslim Brotherhood,  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton…” we  lost an ally, (Gaddafi) who in 2004, had given up his nuclear weapons ….hen a huge win for the US…a win for Democrats and Republicans…”

Segment 2

Radical Islam.  Muslim Brotherhood.  Congressman Pete Hoekstra.

Congressman Pete Hoekstra describes, as a former Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, the domestic security policies…and how we have become too “politically correct” to the detriment of our security… Mr. Hoekstra comments on the history of the Muslim Brotherhood since its founding in Turkey in 1928, ending the secular regime,  with its mission to “re-establish the Caliphate...” and use “stealth radical Islam to infiltrate the West….with the ultimate plan to take over the world….” (In the words of Pope Francis, “the Arab invasion of Europe,”  is real…and for him,” if handled correctly, the cultural exchange can help it [Europe] grow…”)  But what happens when the infiltration is not for “cultural exchange” but to change society, the Rule of law? …  As Mr. Hoekstra notes, the  “levels of attacks [by radical Islam ] will worsen and …we are 15 years behind Europe…”  Mr. Hoekstra speaks of CAIR, a “front for the Muslim Brotherhood, always claiming attacks by radicals have nothing to do with Islam…” referencing both Presidents Bush and Obama who declared more than once that “Islam is the Religion of Peace…”( Interesting quote by Pope Benedict XVI  when asked in 2005 if “Islam was a Religion of Peace,”: “I would not like to use big words to apply generic labels. It certainly contains elements that can favor peace, it also has other elements;  we must always seek the best elements.”)  Mr. Hoekstra notes ,”if we look at  the Middle East, people are committing violent jihad in the name of religion…, if we are ever going to defeat it we must call it : violent, radical Islam.” While both Presidents “may have had the noblest intentions in not condemning Islam as a Religion,…what we are seeing today..Moderates of  Religious Reform…being shoved aside…”

Segment 3

Current Events. Refugee Crisis, Iraq, Syria, Isis, Nuclear Iran. Congressman Pete Hoekstra

Congressman Hoekstra speaks of this Administration’s lack of “strategy  in foreign affairs…” and suggests that Republicans and Democrats come together in foreign policy with a new administration…, “developing  a coherent, consistent, bipartisan policy/strategy… to be modified but not drastically changed every four years…”  Mr. Hoekstra comments on the state of the world, the chaos in the ME…”the refugee crisis, the massive displacement of persons in the ME… and the migration to Europe…, the increase in criminal activity and terrorism, the straining on social services… with no [military]strategy…” Mr. Hoekstra speaks of Europe in 1957, 12 years after WWII with “little or no hope for the future…”  How do we compare to Europe and their migrant crisis with …an open, porous southern border? Mr. Hoekstra explains that most of the illegal immigrants have “overstayed their visas..” and notes the urgency of ” putting in place security measures such as e-verify …, closing the loopholes…” (See history)… And emphasizes the concept of Nation States defined by Rule of law…

Segment 4

The Investigative Project on Terrorism. Steve Emerson. Congressman Pete Hoekstra

Congressman Pete Hoekstra speaks of the Investigative Project on Terrorism and the work by Steve Emerson, which began in 1994, soon after the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993.   Mr. Hoekstra notes that the US must “not lead from behind,” pointing  hot spots in the ME, Africa and Europe …and  stresses the need to “learn from history, from our own mistakes and the obligation (by our leaders) to keep the American people informed, even when things are not going well…and then move on…” For Mr. Hoekstra, it is important that we (the West) “understand the threat…” that we work  and face the challenges  together…