10/07/2015 Radio Show – Policies & Politics – Abraham Katsman (Israel); Norman Leach, (Canada)

On wsRadio: http://wsradio.com/100715-the-view-from-abroad/

Segment 1

The View from Abroad. Israel and the US. Abe Katsman

Abe Katsman (www.abekatsman.com) is an American attorney, consultant and political writer living in Jerusalem. Mr. Katsman speaks about the  Israel/US relations, the coming elections in the US  and the current Administration’s “slight after slight” against PM Netanyahu, recalling SOS John Kerry’s  exit from the UN’s auditorium just before the Israeli Premier’s  speech…noting ” it was petty, juvenile behavior…something that never used to happen ….” Mr. Katsman comments on Israel’s  new international alliances (“which will never replace the US, with our shared morality based on Judeo-Christian” philosophy) and recounts the recent “flack” received from the Europeans… an incipient “movement  to mandate Israel to label  products  from the Settlements,” bringing to mind a nefarious time in Europe’s history… Mr. Katsman also speaks of the “Iran Deal,” which, from “Israel’s perspective, is a disaster…”  Mr. Katsman  points to the dangerous consequences that will result from the release of the  $150 Billion to Iran: a country  which to date has been financing (“subsidizing terror activity”…) groups like Hamas. Hezbollah.  the latter having  presently, “100,000 rockets aimed at Israel…”

Segment 2

The View from Abroad. Turmoil in Israel. Abe Katsman

Mr. Katsman comments on the recent “turmoil in Israel,”  and gives background information…regarding the “attacks by Arabs on Temple Mount, in the Old City  of jerusalem, a Holy place for Jews, Christians and Muslims… where two Jewish Temples destroyed a thousand years ago by the Romans and where  the Al-Acqsa Mosque was later built  and  which today  has become a ‘flash point,’ where Palestinians stock weapons, explosives…” Mr. Katsman notes how “even two visiting US Congressment    were accosted by Palestinians, in a wave of violence, stabbings -just today there were 4 attacks!” An “uprising” some are calling an “intifada…” For Mr. Katsman comments on Palestinian Authoriy Leader Mahmoud Abbas’ performance in the UN, declaring  “that his people were no longer bound by mutual agreements with Israel, including the Oslo Peace Accords, which created the foundation for the Middle East peace process.”   See:(NYTimes http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/01/world/middleeast/mahmoud-abbas-palestinian-authority-un-speech.html?_r=0 )  As Mr. Katsman explains, there “are rumours circulating of  a power struggle now that Mahmoud Abbas, at 80, may soon retire…”

Segment 3

The View from Abroad. Power Shift. Abe Katsman

Mr. Katsman concludes the interview by commenting on the void created by this Administration’s “withdrawal” from the region contrasting with  Vladimir Putin’s recent “assertive” actions, and how it may affect Israel… For Mr. Katsman. relations between Netanyahu and  Putin are based on “mutual understanding…, staying out of each other’s way.” See: (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/22/world/middleeast/netanyahu-and-putin-spar-over-syrian-threat-to-israel.html) Mr. Katsman speaks of Netanyahus’ visit to the US in November, the recent visit to Berlin and the importance of “military to military” meetings… Mr. Katsman also speaks of how well received was PM Netanyahu’s speech at the UN (his 45 second pause) shaming the UN participants, supporters of  Iran  (Deal) whose leader has  repeatedly  called for Israel’s destruction…[Interestingly,  Fox’s James Rosen yesterday October 8th divulged that  “U.S. officials conclude Iran deal violates federal law…”]

Segment 4

The View from Canada. The TPP and Keystone Pipeline. Norman Leach

Norman Leach, President Norman Leach & Associates; Executive Director  of American Chamber of Commerce West Canada (Calgary, Alberta- (the birthplace of the Keystone Pipeline…)  Mr. Leach speaks of the Trans Pacific Partnership noting the “success” of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) ..and speaks of the  great business opportunities.  Mr. Obama  has stated, as quoted in the NY Times :“When more than 95 percent of our potential customers live outside our borders, we can’t let countries like China write the rules of the global economy…..We should write those rules, opening new markets to American products while setting high standards for protecting workers and preserving our environment.”   ( Detractors of the Agreement  in the US (and Canada- elections) may cause a vote delay by Congress -See: http://theconversation.com/tpps-new-battle-lines-may-pose-threat-to-worlds-biggest-trade-deal-48802)  Mr. Leach comments on these past “7 years of uncertainty…” pointing to the Keystone Pipeline  (XL)….”  An example of this Administration’s pandering to environmentalists… (echoed recently by Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton)  and despite evidence presented in “studies from the State Departmentand the Council on Foreign Relations [agreeing] that the pipeline will have very little impact on climate in the long run. Canada will continue to extract oil from the tar sands, and that oil will be consumed, with or without the pipeline….” (  Read: Tyler O’Neil -http://pjmedia.com/blog/hillary-loses-supporters-over-keystone-pipeline-opposition/