9/16/2015 Radio Show: The Iran Deal: Aaron Braunstein, American-Israeli; Sharif Behruz, Iranian Kurd Abroad

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Segment 1

The Iran Deal.  Dealing with the “Evil Empire.”  Aaron Braunstein

Aaron Braunstein is a retired US Foreign Service officer living in Jerusalem.  “American born, he is a graduate of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Paris and John Hopkins University. Mr. Braunstein spent 30 years with the US State Department serving in mostly Moslem-French speaking countries. He is today founding president of the non-sectarian organization, The Jewish Covenant Alliance.” (More)  Mr. Braunstein comments on his article, titled, “Dismembering the Persian Empire,” published by the Jerusalem Post on September 1st, 2015. Mr. Braunstein  writes about President Reagan’s 1983  speech in which he referred to the Soviet Union as the “evil empire…,” comparing it with today’s Iran, “which thrives on imperialism..”  Mr. Braunstein reminds us that the “illegitimate” Iranian regime, “was born during the Carter years…,” and at that time, “no one polled the minorities  (Arabs, Aziris and Kurds) in Iran. ” For Mr. Braunstein, the Iranian Deal is a “time bomb which will explode on the face of the West.”  “The Regime will continue the  subversion” of 50% of the minority population in the country and with this deal it has been legitimized in the eyes of the Middle East…”

Segment 2

The Iran Deal. History lessons. Aaron Braunstein

One of the ironies of history is that the continent which most suffered oppression and devastation, as a result of having  empowered fanatics (Hitler, Stalin), is now happily embracing a deal with a leader, the Ayatollah Kahmeini, who  publicly voices “Death to America, Death to Israel,” and supports terrorist organizations worldwide… For Mr. Braunstein leaders of  “Britain, France, Germany, Russia and (China), are not looking at the consequences, long term…”  Using a metaphor to describe the Israelis, ” Heralds at the gate,” Mr. Braunstein explains how 70-80 % of the Israelis (and Americans) are against the agreement and recalls how  the  Europeans, in the early 1930’s,  were blind to the threat that was unfolding before their eyes in the Rhineland.  Mr. Braunstein describes the Ayatollahs’ and mullahs’ “aberration and distortion” of Islam, their hatred of children and women and comments on the millions of ” stalwart Persians that had to flee Iran and the oppressed minorities that stayed behind…’ Faulting British-French colonialism for  land allocation in the last century, Mr. Braunstein calls for the “modernization” and “reform” of the Middle East…perhaps even correcting borders and boundaries…

Segment 3

Iran.  Ethnic Persecution. Sharif Behruz

Sharif Behruz is co-founder and vice president of the Iran Roundtable,  “a non-partisan, non-profit coalition of Iranian-American of all ethnic groups and nationalities, Azeri Turks, Persians, Arabs, Kurds, Baluchis, Turkmen and others …” Mr. Behruz , drawing from his personal experience, shares his views on the “evil empire…” and explains that the “persecution of ethnic groups  in Iran dates back to the end of WWI…” and describes how the region (including Turkey) was inhabited by various groups, as diverse as the   Kurds, Persians, Baluchis, etc, who became displaced after the state boundaries were established….( See, for example, the partition of the Middle East)  For Mr. Behruz, the “dynamics further changed in 1979,  when a new ideology, was imposed by fanatics, with the help of the Revolutionary Guards of nefarious international fame, ( as described by the Institute of Peace, The Iranian Primer : “The IRGC’s secretive Qods Force has trained and equipped proxy groups, such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Iraqi Shiite insurgents, and even elements of the Taliban. Some surrogates have already been used to target U.S. and other Western forces in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan; they could be used against U.S. targets outside Iran in the event of a future conflict.)  who “marginalized the non-Persian groups by forbidding them from using their own languages and maintaining their own cultures…”

Segment 4

The Iran Deal. Unacceptable deal.  Sherif Behruz

Describing it  as a “sealed deal,” the Iran Agreement is “unacceptable” for Mr.  Behruz,  who cites a Reuters Article which appeared September 15, 2015, revealing that “company (Setad) close to Iran’s ruling elite (Ayatollah) will be removed from Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals List…,” and which “built its empire by a systematic seizure of thousands of properties belonging to religious minorities, business people & Iranians living abroad….with network holdings of $95 billion…” Mr. Behruz notes that the Regime has not changed in 36 years and  regrets that this Administration did not support the 2009 uprising…(See 2009 Presidential Election Protests)  Mr. Behruz mentions that it is  a “false assumption” to assume that Iran will help (Americans) to defeat isis, Isil, Is… For Mr. Behruz, Iran “has the upper hand in the deal….”