7/22/2015 Radio Show: Ms. Abdul Rahman, Kurdistan Regional Government; Travis Korson -Iran Deal


On WSradio: http://wsradio.com/072215-the-kurds-the-iran-deal/

Segment 1

The Kurds. Humanitarian Crisis, Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, Representative to the US off the Kurdistan Regional Government.

 Prior to this appointment, Ms. Abdul Rahman was her government’s representative to the UK. Her late father was Sami Abdul Rahman, a veteran of the Kurdish movement and  member of the Kurdish Democratic Party since 1963  who played a key role in Iraqi opposition to Saddam Hussein’s regime. He held the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government and General Secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. He was killed alongside his elder son Salah and 96 others in a twin suicide bombing in 2004. Ms. Abdul Rahman was born in Baghdad and is a journalist by profession, a former  correspondent for the Financial Times in London and Tokyo…”

 Ms. Abdul Rahman speaks of the effects and ravages of war and terrorism on her country and people over the years.. She comments on the humanitarian crisis of enormous proportions impacting the region and that has worsened since 2014, when the Isis forces attacked and “conquered” areas of Central and Northern Iraq; the continuous influx of refugees and displaced persons as a result of the (continuing) Syrian conflict. Ms. Abdul Rahman notes the “desperate, traumatized, barefoot women, children and men” escaping war and chaos and the current horrible  living conditions, ” under extreme heat,” suffering “dehydration…” “A dire situation,” that calls for the assistance of Churches, NGO’s and other benefactors…” Ms. Abdul Rahman speaks of the “welcoming nature” of her countrymen, accepting in their midst 1.8 Million people of different nationalities, religions,  and ethnic backgrounds. Ms. Abdul Rahman points to  the economic and social impact on the native population…, a region of 5 million people having to cope with the sudden increase in population… by 28%…

Segment 2

The Kurds. National (Baghdad) and International Partners. Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, Representative to the US off the Kurdistan Regional Government.

 Ms. Abdul Rahman comments on the “rocky” relation with Iraq’s central government, especially when PM Malaki was the “head of the government,” responsible for “cutting off the Kurdistan region from the federal budget,” Ms. Abdul Rahman speaks of the Iraqi army abandoning the city of Mosul to ISIS and the humanitarian crisis that ensued… Ms. Abdul Rahman remarks that relations with the new Premier, Abadi, have improved  although issues of oil  “revenue sharing” have not been resolved as previously agreed.  Ms. Abdul Rahman is grateful for the military assistance given by the US to fight ISIS and defeat “terrorist genocide.” Ms. Abdul Rahman concludes the interview by speaking of the influences in her life…:”those western journalists who trekked through  the region during the many wars, carrying their cameras, journals and sharing moments with the local people and  the Peshmergas… She first met them as a child and was inspired by their “intrepid” spirit, at a time when there was no internet, no satellite TV’s …Ms. Abdul Rahman explains how it was “the media, those brave journalists, who drove the stories of the Kurds, their  plight under Saddam Hussein,  to the forefront of the news in the  UK, Britain, France, US…”


Segment 3

The Deal of the Century. Iran Deal. Travis Korson, Communications Director, Frontiers of Freedom

 Mr. Korson, is the communications director and Senior fellow at the organization, Frontiers of Freedom. He is a veteran of politics with years of experience in campaigns, communications and public policy. He also serves as National Committeeman for the DC Young Republicans. His work has been published in various publications, The Daily Caller, Human Events, American Spectator, CNS News, Breitbart…

Mr. Korson speaks of the Iran Deal, hailed as the “deal” of the century by the Administration and condemned by those skeptical of Iran’s(and  the Mullah’s)  intentions… “With key restrictions lifted, Iran is on the path to acquire nuclear weapons,” and cause more havoc in the region and the world…And with their new found wealth,  $150 Billion of unblocked assets, they will become a force to contend with….Mr. Korson speaks of Wednesday’s #StopIranRally in NYC, and the concerns and questions that people have on the  agreement, portions of which, have not been made available to Congress… “The administration has an obligation under U.S. law to obtain the agreements and submit them to Congress so we can review them on behalf of the American people.” -Senator Cotton

(http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/tom-cotton-iran-side-deal-nuclear/2015/07/23/id/658534/) and today,July 23, 2015 at the  Congressional hearing “Senator Corker says Kerry was ‘fleeced’ as Congress starts review of Iran deal…(http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Iran/WATCH-LIVE-Kerry-testifies-before-Senate-ctee-as-Congress-starts-review-of-Iran-deal-409974)

Segment 4

The Implications of the  Iran deal- How America deals with proxy groups in the Region (Hamas). Travis Korson

Mr. Korson comments on a recent paper published by JINSA-Jewish Institute for national Security Affairs- on the 2014 Gaza War, between the “non state force, and  hybrid…HAMAS” -and Israel. Mr. Korson explains Hamas strategy in manipulating the world’s opinion to their side by  distorting  Israel’s response to their aggression.Mr. Korson speaks of the UN Davis Committee  report, a flawed assessment and the serious ramifications for  battling these “proxy” groups in the future, especially for the US military. …The lifting of monetary sanction,s under the Iran Deal, may help Iran in further assisting and supporting these “proxy” groups ..