7/8/2015 Radio Show: Politics Today w. Rod Eccles

On WSradio:


Segment 1

Politics Today. The Rod Eccles Show. Rod Eccles,

Rod Eccles is a businessman and  host/ producer of his own radio show,  The Rod Eccles Show. Mr. Eccles speaks of his background, as a “military brat…,” having lived overseas as a child, and shares his views on the American political spectrum. He explains how, in 2009, he started “blogging” and later expanded into “radio” to reach a larger audience. Based in New Hampshire, he comments on the importance of the State  in the primaries, a “focal point” for aspiring presidential candidates on  the roller-coast  “road to the White House.”  Mr. Eccles speaks of the “citizenry” being fed up “with politicians …” Mr. Eccles speaks of the excessive regulations and enormous  bureaucracy, eroding the “American Dream…” He also presents his views , ‘as an African American, part Cherokee…” on those “liberals [whites] who “continue to determine what ‘racism’ is.”

Segment 2

Politics Today. The Rod Eccles Show, Rod Eccles.

Rod Eccles comments on “Freedom of Religion,” “the Confederate Flag” issue and the treatment of Christianity  vis à  vis Islam. What unites us? The  now elusive “American Dream…” and what divides us, government fostered “class resentment…”  In giving advice to the Republican candidates, Mr. Eccles points to “Trump’s success in commanding attention,” and speaking from the gut, not scripted…and “not over cautious” as it has been the case with some candidates…


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