6/17/2015 Radio Show: Regulations (Burdens) for Manufacturers; Trade Promotion Authority

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Segment 1

Rules & Regulations. Burdens for Manufacturers. Ross Eisenberg, Vice President for Energy & Resources Policy, National Association of Manufacturers

Ross Eisenberg is VP of the largest manufacturing association in the US, representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector in all 50 states. (Manufacturing employs 17+Million men and women contributing $2.9 Trillion to the US economy…)

Mr. Eisenberg comments on how the Obama Administration is encroaching manufacturers with their “Climate Change, Clean Energy…” agenda …While “regulations, at core, [are] not a bad thing…they come with a cost….,” explains Mr. Eisenberg, and points to the “prospective” regulations on Ozone (smog) emissions…(The Competitive Enterprise Institute recently calculated that federal regulations cost the U.S. economy $1.88 trillion in 2014. If the EPA has its way, that burden could grow by another $140 billion, pushing the burden past $2 trillion for the first time. See: http://dailycaller.com/2015/05/15/ozone-regulations-could-force-manufacturers-to-cut-production/#ixzz3dKofSqar)…Mr. Eisenberg affirms that “we ( the manufacturing sector) are for reducing ozone emissions which have been cut in half since 1980…” and insists that “we are doing more than anybody else,” calling attention to a “global problem that needs global solutions…” Mr. Eisenberg also speaks of his participation, on June 16, at a congressional hearing on“EPA’s Proposed Ozone Rule: Potential Impacts on Manufacturing.”

Segment 2
Rules & Regulations. Burdens for Manufacturers..Ross Eisenberg, Vice President for Energy & Resources Policy ,National Association of Manufacturers

Mr. Eisenberg speaks of the Administration’s obsession with “advancing clean energy,” and, states that while “energy efficiency is a good idea…, for competitiveness…however, it sometimes …makes no financial sense…” Mr. Eisenberg points to the recent survey (http://www.nam.org/outlook/) where 76 % of the respondents considered [living] in an “unfavorable business climate with more regulations and higher taxes…” and second on the list, 74% of those surveyed , pointed to “healthcare /insurance costs …” as stifling businesses…” In complying with Obamacare’s rules and regulations, companies (especially small ones) dedicate time and resources to healthcare insurance provisions creating more economic burdens for themselves …rather than investing in Research and Development…” Mr. Eisenberg speaks of his organization’s support (in a leadership role ) for the passage of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and mentions that “its positives outweigh its negatives…” For NAM, there is an urgent need for “pro-growth policies” and the passage of the TPA and the long term re-authorization of the Exim (Export-Import) Bank is fundamental for the economy and job growth. He notes that “[NAM] was founded in 1895 … to find new venues for export, expand free trade and that small and large companies rely on the Exim Bank for credit in order to compete with other nations whose corporations are State funded…” Mr. Eisenberg concludes the interview by enumerating his organization’s 5 key messages: 1) trade: passage of TPA and re-authorization of the EXIM Bank, “for participation in a global economy…”) 2) tax Reform, “for comprehensive tax reform- lowering the corporate tax for large and small businesses and making the R&D credit permanent;” 3) environmental regulatory relief; 4)Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reform because ” there are today 50 different standards in 50 different states…” and 5) infrastructure, for a “21st century , state of the art, long term surface transportation” overhaul… “Our top priority is to make the USA the best place for manufacturing…”


Segment 3
TPA, TAA, TPP. Fables and Facts. Brandon Arnold, Executive Vice President, National Taxpayers Union

Brandon Arnold, Executive Vice President, National Taxpayers Union, a non-profit, non-partisan group “which works on behalf of the taxpayers for limited government at all levels and lower taxes.”

Mr. Arnold comments on the recent “debates and discussions’ surrounding the Trade Promotion Authority and the report, issued by his organization, to clarify the “facts…. from the fables” ….One of the most important points is the “misconception” that giving TPA to the President will increase the flow of [illegal] immigration … Mr. Arnold explains the “confusing” acronyms (for the layman) of TPA, TAA and TPP, and defines the different bills, their importance and urgency…Both the TPA and TAA were contained in the same piece of legislation…the TPA measure ( which passed ) is “a mechanism, a tool,” to give “fast-track authority to the President to implement a Trade Agreement; the TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) measure (which failed) was “a give-away to [appease] labor unions and Democrats…By failing to pass the TAA, the Democrats, “as a political move,” threw a wrench into the gears”… halting the passage of the entire bill, which, in its current format “cannot be sent to the President for signature.” Mr. Arnold explains that his organization supports TPA and presents arguments to validate his organization’s position…

Segment 4

TPA, TAA, TPP . Fables and Facts. Brandon Arnold, Executive Vice President, National Taxpayers Union

Mr. Arnold concludes the interview by addressing the concerns of many …Point by point, he cites the “fables” around the TPA….: on the potential influx of [illegal] immigrants, currency manipulation, the ceding of power by Congress to the President and US sovereignty being threatened… He also notes Congressman Paul Ryan’s ( Chairman of the House Budget Committee) involvement in the crafting of a separate customs bill that would amend fast-track ( to expedite the TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership) and prevent any changes to climate rules and immigration laws, which would be detrimental to the US. As, Rep. Paul Ryan said in an interview…”America must lead and write the rules…expand markets for more jobs…”

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