6/10/2015 Radio Show: The View from Israel w. Abe Katsman; Women Summit w. Brandi Bohannon

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(Note: The audio may not be that great…, due to electromagnetic interference ūüôā )

Segment 1

The View from Israel. Iran Nuclear Deal. Abe Katsman

Abe Katsman is an American attorney, consultant and political writer living in Jerusalem. He writes commentary on Israeli-American Foreign Policy. (See: www.abekatsman.com.) Mr. Katsman, “as one of the 300,000 Americans living in Israel, [who] has a front row seat to President Obama’s Middle East policy in action…” comments on the Iran Nuclear Deal, stating that “Americans in Israel are perplexed” at the evolving negotiations. He notes that “Iran is dictating the terms,” since President Obama has taken any “military option” off the table. (See Katsman’s June 6 article: America’s Military Leverage Forfeited By President Obama -American Thinker). Mr. Katsman points to Iran’s (macabre) expansion in recent years… “exporting revolution” into Syria, Lebanon, Iraq,¬† Yemen…where the “old order is falling apart.¬† From an Israeli’s standpoint, the region is on fire… and just in Syria, 250,000 people killed.”


Segment 2

The View from Israel. Iran Nuclear Deal. Abe Katsman

Mr. Katsman comments on how lifting the economic sanctions on Iran may¬† create, as PM Netanyahu has expressed, “prosperity at home” while they pursue “aggression abroad…” And recounts the recent “remarkable” occurrence, at a conference at the Council of Foreign Relations, where the Saudi representative shared the stage with the Israeli Foreign Minister (http://www.cfr.org/development/regional-challenges-opportunities-view-saudi-arabia-israel/p36615) Mr. Katsman speaks of the repercussions in the region, if “Iran goes nuclear…” While the US-Israeli cooperation is excellent in¬† areas of defense and intelligence, and the US government has promised that it¬† “will ensure that Israel maintain its military edge over potential adversaries,” the “nervous” Saudis may look to Pakistan for their weapons but also buy from the US, the “state of the Art” fighter jet F35… previously promised only to Israel…. Mr. Katsman¬† also points to the faulty deal (calling it “not much of a deal” ) by the P5+1-(US, UK, France, Russia, China, Germany)¬† and their strange plan of action…”stopping Iran’s nuclear enrichment program while subjecting it to daily inspections in exchange of loosening economic sanctions…,”¬† while not enforcing¬† inspections at military installations…

Segment 3
The View from Israel. Israel and the World. Abe Katsman

Mr. Katsman comments on the repercussions,¬† ( in lifting the economic sanctions on Iran¬† “too much, too quickly,) ” will have in the region.¬† For the Iranian government is known to have cheated (in negotiations)¬† in the past and presently, “violating existing agreements…”¬† “Ronald Reagan’s¬† cold war adage of¬† ‘trust but verify,’ has taken a new twist, “Don’t trust even if¬† verified…” Mr. Katsman speaks of President Obama’s “pacifism”,¬† and its ramifications…a “difficult shift in US foreign policy.., ”¬† with no “projection of military power overseas…” Mr. Katsman also comments on the Republican presidential candidates visiting Israel and the¬† potential “improvement” in relations (under a Republican administration), considering¬† “President Obama’s personal animosity towards PM Netanyahu…” Mr. Katsman concludes the interview by speaking of the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel) organized to¬† “choke Israel’s economy dependent on trade… a serious movement that has caught on in left wing American Universities…”


Segment 4
Political Correctness. Women today. Brandi Bohannon

Brandi Bohannon, self described as “a Southern (Alabama) transplant to Washington D.C. studied International relations at American University and has worked in Capitol Hill, on several presidential campaigns and in¬† DC think tanks.¬†¬† Her life theme is:’ Fighting for God and Country while clinging to my guns…”¬† Ms. Bohannon, in explaining her “life theme,”¬† defends the 2nd Amendment and criticizes this Administration’s¬† unfair (and constant) attack on the NRA… She also comments on the Women Summit organized by the conservative group, Independent Women’s Forum, held last week in DC.¬† Ms. Bohannon speaks of the politically correct¬† “muzzle” placed on conservative/moderate women by¬† left wing activists and cites examples of abuses….For example, today, it is considered “sexual abuse” in campuses the manly art of¬† “trying to kiss a girl…” A new war on men…has erupted…and “freedom of expression” has been curtailed in more ways than one…