6/3/2015 Radio Show: A Tribute to Charnice Milton – Urban Crime; Business Outlook- Cuba-Russia-China

 On WSradio: http://wsradio.com/060315-a-tribute-to-charnice-milton-urban-crime-business-outlook-cuba-russia-china/

Segment 1

A Tribute to Charnice Milton. Urban Crime- in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. Francine Milton and Kenneth McClenton

Francine Milton, a teacher, and Kenneth McClenton, a conservative activist and host of The Exceptional Conservative Show, speak about their daughter Charnice, slayed on the night of May 27th, 2015, in the Southeast neighborhood of Washington, D.C.  As Francine Milton explains “Charnice was covering a [news] story for a [local publication] and she had just texted me to let me know that she had transferred on to the next bus,” [and was coming home]…Kenneth McClenton adds that “fifty minutes late,r two white men were standing at our door…to announce that our daughter Charnice had been killed.”   Ms. Milton and Mr. McClenton speak of Charnice, the daughter, the girl, the student, the young woman, the professional journalist; of her interests, her passions, her dreams…  For her Mother, Charnice, “would see the best in everything and everybody…we look back [in her life]…, she took one step at a time…  Born with Asperger’s syndrome, Charnice learned to read before the age of 3, but she would babble, screaming to be understood…” This incommodity did not prevent her from ultimately graduating with honors in Communications from Syracuse University…As her Father says, “Charnice’s life is worth celebrating, she lived in the joy of the Lord…”


Segment 2

A Tribute to Charnice Milton. Urban Crime-in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. Francine Milton and Kenneth McClenton

Francine Milton and Kenneth McClenton speak appreciatively of the help provided by the DC authorities but express bewilderment “that right after the visit from DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser, the investigation was declared a “cold case.”   Mr. McClenton explains that there are 211,000 cold cases “left on the shelves” in many a police station around the country, and claims that shelving the case, “is not strange for this jurisdiction.” Francine Milton speaks of their community’s reaction; where there is a “sense of fear, lack of faith, [a reluctance by people] to come forward”…  For her, “if people know of Charnice’s story, they will come forward,” and mentions a woman who had also lost a daughter to crime and whom they met in the cemetery the day of Charnice’s burial.   Charnice’s story received international attention, in Brazil and the UK. For Mr. McClenton, it is the responsibility of the MEDIA to promote Charnice’s tragic end, “she was coming home from doing her work…,” as a journalist.

Segment 3

A Tribute to Charnice Milton. Urban Crime- in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. Francine Milton and Kenneth McClenton

As it appeared in a Pundit Press’ article, the McClenton-Milton Family had requested, in honor of their slain child, that   “a) people continue to pray;  b) begin the conversation that the primary problem in Black America is Black on Black crime and c) find a way to end crime in America’s inner cities…” For Francine, in urban America, “we need Pastors to speak without fear,”…because as Mr. McClenton explains, in the communities “the first home, is the Church…” As a teacher, Francine Milton emphasizes the importance of “character” and quotes Dr. Martin Luther King, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character…” And adds, “what you saw in her [Charnice] was her character…”Mr. McClenton concludes the interview by stating, “my wife and I will be working at resolving this case…. Families deserve justice. No child deserves this…There is no reason for this…” senseless crime in the heart of the Nation’s Capital…


Segment 4

Business Outlook. Cuba-Russia-China. Ralph E. Winnie Jr. Attorney in Washington, D.C; Director, Eurasia Center

Mr. Winnie, with international ties to various organizations, speaks of Cuba, ” removed from the State Departments list as a State sponsored terrorist nation,” and mentions the recently approved direct flights from New York to Cuba, beginning this fall, for tourists, promoting sports events, art expeditions etc. However, he notes that the embargo will not be lifted until after the elections, something that the “skeptic conservatives” in Congress insist upon-so that it doesn’t “benefit” the Castros… Mr. Winnie speaks of the Eurasian Economic Union and Putin’s overtures to the European Union to join. However, the “relation between Russia and Iran, in opposition to the US deal, still presents a volatile situation…” And lastly, China, ever the economic behemoth, continues to show might in the Southeast geopolitical sphere… If the Trans-Pacific Agreement is signed, what is China’s role? Mr. Winnie comments on the meetings between President Obama and China’s Premier scheduled for the 22-23 June , and suggests that an announcement will be made..Mr. Winnie comments on the positive effects of Chinese investment in rural (Alabama) America, “providing jobs to a community…”