5/20/2015 Radio Show: “Drinking with the Saints” with Dr. Michael P. Foley; “Saving Mes Aynak” with Brent Huffman

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Segment 1
Religion. “Drinking with the Saints. The Sinners Guide to a Holy Happy Hour…” Dr. Michael P. Foley

Dr. Foley, with a  doctorate in systematic theology, is an Associate Professor of Patristics in the Great Texts Program at Baylor University. He has published  more than 150 essays in periodicals and newspapers like  First Things, The Wall Street Journal and The Latin Mass. He is also the author of several books, and his latest, Drinking with the Saints. The Sinners Guide to a Holy Happy Hour..., was recently published by Regnery  (May 6, 2015) , sold through Amazon.com… As Dr. Foley explains, there are over 360 Feasts Days in the liturgical  calendar, and there have been  zillions of published  cookbooks celebrating the typical and topical  cuisine  for Catholic Feasts days, but until now, there have  never been any  published compendiums of  special concoctions of libations to inspire the Catholic or (Christian) palate…, despite the fact that the best liqueurs and whiskyes  (whiskies) were first brewed by nuns and monks in early Christendom… Dr. Foley notes that the book contains 38 original recipes and the remaining 300 + are novel!  So, Chin-Chin…,Campai, Skol, Salud, Cheers….

Segment 2

Segment 2
Religion. “Drinking with the Saints. The Sinners Guide to a Holy Happy Hour…” Dr. Michael P. Foley

Dr. Foley describes in detail the cocktail recipe he concocted, for example,  in honor of his favorite saint, St. Augustine of Hippo. (He edited, St.Augustine’s Confessions)… Dr. Foley speaks of his personal family background, and his teachings at a Baptist (and strictly dry)  University…He also speaks of the importance of teaching young people how to drink…and notes of the wine cultures in certain Catholic countries, like  Italy or Spain where the rate of alcohol consumption by males is much lower than in  the US… For more information: http://www.regnery.com/books/drinking-with-the-saints/


Segment 3
Afghanistan. “Saving Mes Aynak.”  Brent Huffman

Brent Huffman is an award-winning director, writer, cinematographer of documentaries aired on The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel, the Sundance Film Festival, to name a few….Mr. Huffman, as described in his website, “has been making social issue documentaries and environmental films for more than a decade in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.” He has recently released his latest film, “Saving Mes Aynak…, on  Afghan archaeologist Qadir Temori as he races against time to save a 5,000 year old archaeological site in Afghanistan from imminent demolition…” ( deadline is end of 2015)  Mr. Huffman presents the case for “preserving a cultural heritage” rather than destroying it for the sake of “economic opportunity” ….and recounts his odyssey, which began in 2011…( He explains that it was actually in 2010, after reading a New York Times article, focused on “the economic development of an area in Afghanistan by a Chinese company, whose employees/agents were being provided  security by the American military,” that sparked  his interest on the subject…Traveling  with a backpack, his cameras and in  the company of a loyal, local Afghan translator, Mr. Huffman  set off  to discover, in Taliban infested country, the hidden treasures of Mes Aynak … As he notes, it was like playing “Russian roulette…”


Segment 4

Segment 4

Afghanistan. “Saving Mes Aynak.” Brent Huffman

Mr. Huffman comments on the fundraising  efforts  that he and his film company have launched through Indiegogo to help  educate and  raise awareness of the situation  with the Afghan government, UNESCO, the US  and the international community of civilized nations, and provide funding for the local archaeologists… Mr.Huffman explains how “UNESCO’s hands are tied, (they cancelled an interview) because unless they receive an invitation from the [Afghan] Government, they cannot inspect the site  and declare it a world heritage site…”  Mr. Huffman describes the “treasure trove,” of “enormous proportions, under a  terrain of  500,000 square meters, (a hundred football fields in size) and only 10%, (the tip of the iceberg) has been unearthed with hundreds of  monumental Buddha statues, ancient manuscripts, jewelry and coins…discovered. The world watched in horror as the Buddha Statues of Bamiyan were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. Recently, the museums in Mosul and other cities (Palmyra) were destroyed by the ISIS, IS, ISIL monsters…Perhaps something can be done for Mes Aynak and our world heritage! For more information:

The Indiegogo campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/saving-mes-aynak–2/x/10666806

And the official website: www.savingmesaynak.com


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