4/29/2015 Radio Show: 40th Anniversary of the Ending of the Vietnam War; International Trade – The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Cuba

Segment  Vietnam War. Veterans as Condemned Property? “Dusty” Earl Trimmer

“Dusty” Earl Trimmer, a marketing professional for over 40 years, served in the 25th Infantry Division during the Vietnam War’s bloodiest years 1968-1969 in South Vietnam’s Iron Triangle area near Cambodia. Mr. Trimmer is the recipient of the Bronze Medal and Purple Heart. He is the author of the book Condemned Property? which describes his experience during combat and the lingering effects of the war on his life…Mr. Trimmers comments on the 40th Anniversary of the ending of the Vietnam War on April 30th, and describes his personal feelings after watching the PBS Special on The last days in Vietnam ..and remarks, that the “war is not over with us…” In a “battle against physical and emotional wounds,” Mr. Trimmer recounts the anger, and feelings of betrayal he and his fellow Veterans have endured over the years. As he explains, he has witnessed and watched many of his “brothers” die prematurely of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), overdose and illnesses from the poisonous Agent Orange…Mr. Trimmer speaks of the stroke he suffered (most likely from stress) after finishing his book and has only praise for the healthcare he received from the VA Hospital’s personnel in Cleveland. However, he also speaks of the enormous and sometimes insurmountable obstacles Vietnam Veterans face at the hands of the VA’s “Compensation and Benefits” department… Mr.Trimmer has positive things to say of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert A. McDonald, “still not quite a year in office…”

Segment 2

Vietnam War. “Lack of Welcome.””Dusty” Earl Trimmer

Mr. Trimmer speaks of the indifference and “lack of welcome” for Vietnam veterans returning home, something that he cannot forget these 47 years. He speaks of the unresolved problems… the diseases that the medical community failed to recognize for more than fifteen years after the war ended and notes that 35% of the pending benefits claims to the VA are from Vietnam Veterans, who “don’t feel wanted, who fought for their country,” and have not received any recognition for their service… He mentions the chilling slogan “Deny, delay until we die…” to describe the Government’s lackadaisical attitude in resolving their benefits claims. Although “the consensus is that America lost the war,” Mr. Trimmer rejects that notion, comparing the Korean and Vietnam Wars. “We won every battle, we beat them (Viet Cong ), we pursued them and even General Giáp knew we had them beat in 1970-1971…” Things changed in 1972… Mr. Trimmer concludes the interview by speaking of his upcoming book to be published on Memorial Day, titled : Payback time. Vietnam Veterans strike back.

Segment 3

International trade. The trans-Pacific Partnership. Norman Leach

Norman Leach is president of the management Consulting firm Norman Leach and Associates, based in Calgary, Alberta. He is the executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce of Western Canada, “the Texas of Canada, a conservative province where oil, gas and mining are the principal industries…” (On February 18Mr. Leach spoke to ID about the “Keystone Pipeline…” ) Mr. Leach speaks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership hailed by this Administration as the “21st Century trade agreement that will boost economic growth, support American jobs and grow Made in America exports”. Mr. Leach speaks of the importance of international trade, somewhat ignored by Canada (80% of its trade is with the US),  in the past…concentrating on the 500 million consumer (NAFTA) markets. As a result of the latest “anemic economic conditions,” countries have to look at other markets. Times have changed and  most nations (including China, today) “have gone from agrarian to industrialized to post-industrialized nations” opening the doors for other opportunities abroad makes a lot of sense… Members of the TPP: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam.

Segment 4

International Trade. Cuba. Norman Leach

Mr. Leach comments on the opportunities and problems that will arise with the new “trading” relation with Cuba, under the despotic Castro Regime. There are so many issues that need to be resolved, for example, …land expropriations …Mr. Leach comments as a businessman how “uncertainty, kills us,” especially since the US is retreating as “the moral and physical force around the world.”

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