4/15/2015 Radio Show – The Kurds…In The War To Defend Humanity


Segment 1
The Kurds…in the war to defend humanity…Brigadier General Ernest Audino (Ret-USArmy)

Brigadier General Ernest Audino serves as Senior Advisor and Director of Government Relations to the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria. He is a graduate of West Point and served in the US Army for 28 years. As described in his bio. “his most significant assignment was his service in Iraq…, his brigade formed entirely of Kurdish “Peshmerga”…( meaning ‘those who confront death’)  General Audino comments on his personal background, his experience at the National War College and of his “rewarding assignment” by the Army- being embedded with the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq in 2006, “the single most violent year…”  General Audino speaks of the Kurds (17Million), known as the “largest nation without a country” dispersed throughout regions of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria… General Audino speaks of their loyalty to America and notes that “no American has ever died in any Kurdish controlled area…” He also points to the fact that “Kurds, rather than identifying themselves for their Religion (98% Muslim), do so for their ethnicity… They are Kurds first!”


Segment 2
The Kurds…in the war to defend humanity… Brigadier General Ernest Audino (Ret-USArmy)

General Audino speaks of the “accomodating” Kurds and how their region in northern Iraq has become a “safe haven for persecuted Christians, Arabs, Yazidis and other minorities, (1.5 Million) refugees or IDP’s (Internally Displaced Persons). General Audino also comments on the recent visit to the US by the Iraqi PM and his meeting with President Obama and notes that while this Administration’s pledge of $200Million in humanitarian aid is commendable, it remains to be seen if some or any of it will make its way north to support the efforts of the Kurds in fighting ISIS and in aiding the refugees…General Audino speaks of his own experience with the Peshmerga in 2006,  and the lack of adequate weaponry then. He also gives background history on the Kurdish fighting forces,  the plight of the Kurds under Saddam Hussein’s “final solution,” (thousands gassed and tortured..)…


Segment 3
The Kurds…in the war to defend humanity…Brigadier General Ernest Audino (Ret-USArmy)

General Audino names two  organizations in the US, that Americans may contact if they wish to donate/help: the Kurdistan Human Rights Watch and the Kurdistan national Assembly of Syria. He also calls attention to the Bill introduced by Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) that will allocate funds/aid directly to the Kurds. General Audino speaks of the situation in Iraq, specifically, the role of  the Kurds in retaking   Kirkuk (oil fields) abandoned by the Iraqi army in its flight from Isis, and explains how Mosul (the second largest city in Iraq) was captured by ISIS… and  the coalition forces’ liberation of Tikrit… and the involvement of the Iranian special forces…General Audino also comments on the “unenforceable agreement” between this Administration  and  the anti-American regime…


Segment 4

The International Criminal Court. Brian Garst, Director of Policy and Communications at the Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Mr. Garst comments on the “International Justice System… represented in the International Criminal Court ” being run from the Hague , a “quasi independent body with ties to the UN…”  What calls attention to this Criminal court…is its “lack of independent enforcement powers” and its only focus, for the past decade, in Africa, with only two convictions… Interestingly, the Weekly Standard had recently published an article that pointed to “the Administration considering various ways of putting pressure on Israel to align more closely with the WH…including having them tried in the ICC…” Political tool.

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