News & Events: March is Women’s History Month

March is almost over so I better write a few words on the subject… about  Women’s History Month!

So much is owed to so many women and men! (who have been gracious, supportive and encouraging) that I don’t know where to begin… Women whom I admire? There are lots of them beginning with all the women in my family and all my women friends/acquaintances  and many  women I don’t know… and more …and every heroine  in every book I  read….

I attended an event   in Washington, DC., organized by Sharon Day, Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee in honor of Republican Women who received the ” Republican Women Trailblazer Awards” on  March 18, 2015. The honorees were New Jersey Republican Party National Committeewoman Ginny Haines with the Mary Louise Smith Award, Republican State Leadership Committee’s Neri Martinez with the Susan B. Anthony Award, and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik with the Jeane Kirkpatrick Award!

Republican Women Trailblazers Award
Republican Women Trailblazers Award – In the photo, (From L to R) Sharon Day, Co-Chairman Republican National Committee; Diane Waterman, Chairman, Maryland Republican Party; Ginny Haines, NJ Republican National Committeewoman, Jill Homan, DC Republican National Committeewoman  and Jose E. V. Cunningham, Republican State Chairman for District of Columbia…