3/25/2015 Radio Show -The Armenian Genocide


March 25, 2015

Segment 1

Significance of the centenary of the Armenian Genocide on April 24th, 2015,

Dr. Rouben P. Adalian is the Director of the Armenian National Institute in Washington DC. “Dr. Adalian is a specialist on the Caucasus and the Middle East and taught at a number of universities including George Washington University, Georgetown, The School of Foreign Service and John Hopkins University. In 1993 he completed a project to document the Armenian Genocide in the United States National Archives with 37,000 pages of American evidence on microfishe and the accompanying 476 page guide to the Armenian Genocide in the US Archives (1915-1918) was included in 1994…”
Dr. Adalian comments on the Bill submitted by forty four Members of Congress to the Obama Administration recognizing the Armenian Holocaust as “genocide,…” something which the “Obama Administration is not on record…. waffling [these past 6 years] at the usage of the word “genocide,” in “deference” to the Republic of Turkey…
Regarding the importance of the date, April 24th, as a Day of Remembrance, Dr. Adalian explains that on that day, 100 years ago, “the entire Armenian leadership in Constantinople (now Istanbul) were shipped out by train into exile… and the world became aware of this indiscriminate mass arrest…”

Segment 2: The Armenian Genocide -how and why  it came about…

Dr. Adalian, Director of the Armenian National Institute gives a short historical summary of  the nation of Armenia and its people, “the 1st Christian nation dating to 301AD; 1700 years of  Christian culture, civilization and influence…while  being surrounded on all sides by Islamic States….An ancient people, who claim direct desendancy from the Biblical Noah,  populating large areas in the region, east of the Euphrates… prospering during the Byzantine Empire, participating in the Crusades… and interacting over the centuries with the West..” Dr. Adalian points to the circumstances today,  Armenians  reduced to living in a country 1/10th of the size of the land  they once possessed…” He notes that life under  hostile  Ottoman rule  for 500 years was not easy for Christian and Jews… and  it was in the early 20th century when the last Sultans were deposed and the “Young Turks” came into power that  the crisis and “extermination” of religious minorities,  commenced….

Segment 3: The Armenian Genocide-The documentation –

Dr. Adalian speaks of the American involvement in the cause to save the “starving Armenians” from 1913-1917..,and the organization “Near East Relief,”established with the help of American Ambassador Henry S. Morgenthau  who pronounced then that what was happening to Armenians   was a “campaign of race extermination,” becoming the first person to alert of “genocide”…” Dr. Adalian also comments on the documentation recently  released by the Vatican and how involved   was Pope Benedict XV , “appealing directly to the Sultan to intervene to prevent the atrocities against the Armenians from being committed…” Mr. Adalian speaks of the ample documentation in the US National Archives…  assembled and organized by himself and his organization… presenting visual evidence of the horror… compelling images of the crimes… with many faces, 1.5 million Armenian lives lost…”

Segment 4: The diaspora and what it means to be Armenian today…

Dr.Adalian concludes the interview by speaking of the diaspora, with the US being the country where most Armenians settled… “rebuilding their lives and being part of the vibrant communities…with  a message of survival, condemnation of genocide and the triumph of life over death…”  Dr. Adalian comments on the ecumenical  memorial services planned in DC at the National Cathedral, the Vatican and commemorations through other venues like a PBS documentary…He notes that an “unresolved matter still exists though…,’ the Government of Turkey, coming to terms with its country’s past….must  acknowledge publicly the atrocities committed against a whole nation of people whose dilapidated and destroyed Houses of Worship throughout the country  remain as “architectural monuments” to the Genocide…