Russia…today. Mark Nedlin

Mark Nedlin is an American residing and working in London, originally from LA. He has “over twenty years of experience in the Russian market  representing major American and European banks.” Mr. Nedlin  has a BA from the University of Virginia and a MBA and MA from Columbia University. Mr. Nedlin comments on the recent events that have captured the attention of Americans stateside: Netanyahu’s speech to Congress :pointing  to “it’s long term effect… of strengthening the US-Israel alliance;…” and noting  “the mixed reaction of the press in Europe…” Mr. Nedlin speaks  of his  parents who emigrated from the Soviet Union to America in 1977, and of himself returning to Russia as a consultant to American companies “entering the Russian market” as a result of Gorbachev’s “breakthrough”  policies (1980’s-1990’s) of glasnost  and perestroika (publicity and openness..) Mr. Nedlin speaks of how he sees Russia today versus then…”dark …aggressive, a confrontational society..,” capable of “perpetrating evil on its own citizens, neighbors…,disrupting the western community…”


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Russia …today. Playing with Fire. Mark Nedlin

Mark Nedlin speaks of doing business in Russia today (in comparison to the  years post Soviet Union, 90’s and early 2000’s,) and the  “uncertainty, volatility and what appears to be a steep recession…with inflation, prices going up and a 50% devaluation of its currency in the last four months…” He comments on the “inconveniences” and “chaos” of the post-Soviet Union era  then  burdening  “a society…throwing off 80 years of isolation,” but “building… a good place to be… with freedoms…” “It has now become a petro-state,  with an oil and gas driven economy…qualifying it “simplistically, as a  gas station and liquor store…”


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Russia …today. Boris Nemtsov. Mark Nedlin

Mark Nedlin speaks of Boris Nemtsov, “statesman and liberal politician and leader of the opposition party RPR-PARNAS and critic of Vladimir Putin,” who was  murdered while strolling with his girlfriend in the vicinity of the Kremlin…” Describing it as a “human tragedy,” Mr. Nedlin comments on Russia as a  “criminal state” where “a group of people can pull off a murder in a supposedly safe and secure area, in the vicinity of the Kremlin, “proving” that “anybody can be killed or harmed…”  Comparing Putin’s recent invasion of Ukraine with “Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia and Poland,” Mr. Nedlin comments on the ruthless aspirations of dictators, both  blinded by a “grievance mentality.”  Has Boris Nemtsov’s murder awakened the people? …Mr. Nedlin  points to   the “small, fragmented, weak opposition” and questions (after this murder), who would want the job to lead an opposition movement?”


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Iran and Foreign Policy. Mark Nedlin

Mark Nedlin comments on the  supposed “fallout” from  the letter published and addressed to Iran’s leaders …Penned by Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ak), co-signed by 47 Republican Senators…,  the letter warned “the leaders of Iran that Congressional Republicans would not recognize the validity of a deal after President Obama leaves office…” (The Fiscal Times)…Mr. Nedlin concludes the interview by commenting on the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and email while Secretary of State, describing  her  as  following  “different rules  than everybody else…”  also raising concerns over what role she had in fundraising for the Clinton Foundation  …while serving the government. Lastly, Mr. Nedlin, as an American abroad,  speaks of FATCA , an “abomination” of a law, a basic violation of basic rights…”

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