2/25/2015 Radio Show -The View from Abroad. The case for Ukraine.

February 25, 2015

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Brian Mefford is a business and political consultant based in Kyiv, Ukraine. From 2009-2010, he worked as advisor to Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko. He served as  Director, for Ukraine, with the International Republican Institute,  an organization chaired by Senator John McCain. Mr. Mefford established the Committee for Open Democracy, a non-profit organization that monitors international elections. He is also a nonresident senior fellow,  at the Eurasia Center of the Atlantic Council .  Mr. Mefford speaks on the current situation in Ukraine, the day after the announcement, by UK PM David Cameron, that the UK was sending British troops (75) in an advisory  capacity to Ukraine. Mr.Mefford also  notes  that the  United Arab Emirates has agreed to sell arms/weapons to the government of the Ukraine.. Mr. Mefford speaks of the fall of  Debaltseve, “an important railway and road junction” on February 19th … despite the signing of a new ceasefire agreement on 12 February 2015 …” Mr. Mefford comments on Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s methods .and what appears to be… the ‘end game” explaining that the  Ukrainian  “federal  ( and  now decentralized, post – Soviet) system ” works ..

Segment 2

Brian Mefford, comments on his experience working for President Viktor Yuschenko, a pro-Western leader who emerged to prominence during/after the Orange revolution in 2004; and the years of reform and instability that led to the the “disfunctional, and “mafia” style administration (2010-2013) of President/PM Viktor Yanukovych, presently exiled in Russia with a “$2Billion fortune…” He explains how the small (5,000) citizen protests of November 2013 sparked the movement of 1Million demonstrators against the pro-Russian government of “impeached” Yanukovych… Mr. Mefford comments on Europe’s passivity and Senator McCain’s frustration with France, Germany and the Obama Administration …, “in the legitimized dismemberment, for the first time in 70 years, of a country in Europe…”


Segment 3

Brian Mefford comments on the posture taken by Obama Administration with regards to Ukraine…giving “credit to Congress for offering bipartisan support…” and notes the “$1Billion in lethal defensive aid” legislation proposed by the House. Mr. Mefford comments on Putin’s strategy of trying to “defeat Nato…,” and points to his taking advantage of the “clause, requiring potential members of Nato (former Soviet satellites), of having “no territorial disputes… ” (read the annexation of Crimea…The United Nations General Assembly … rejected the vote and annexation, adopting a non-binding resolution affirming the “territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders) …Mr. Mefford comments on every day life in the city of Kyiv “with a war going on in the country’s Eastern border…”


Segment 4

Brian Mefford concludes the interview by speaking about the Committee for Open Democracy, a volunteer organization that monitors elections in countries in Eastern Europe, the exception being the recent Scottish referendum…He also makes an appeal to help support Ukraine with the necessary tools (defensive weapons)…as presented by the US Congress…More information: www.brianmefford.net