2/18/2015 Radio Show – Canada-America Relations, Keystone Pipeline, International Trade

February 18, 2015

Canada-America Relations, Keystone Pipeline, International Trade

Segment 1

Norman Leach, is President of the management consulting firm Norman Leach & Associates, based in Calgary, Alberta with representatives worldwide. He is the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce of Western Canada.  Mr. Leach  comments on the role of the American Chambers of Commerce throughout the world, with presence in at least 100 countries…Mr. Leach specifically speaks of the branch in Calgary, Alberta, “the Texas of Canada…a conservative province where oil, gas and mining” are the principal industries. And he also notes that there are 100,000 American residents in Calgary. Mr. Leach points to the Canada’s  rich history with its “trading ally and partner” US, and the challenges ($50 a barrel of oil) facing today the oil and gas industry… Mr,.Leach speaks of the Keystone Pipeline, “a critical infrastructure project for energy security of the US and for strengthening the American economy…,” which has encountered opposition from the environmentalists…



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Segment 2

Mr. Leach comments on the Keystone PipelineXL and the politics behind it..”.how a small vocal minority is making decisions for the majority…” What’s next for the Keystone Pipeline…? The Bill, to build the extension (Phase 4, from Oklahoma to Texas) passed the House and Senate and it now has become a “political decision”on the President’s desk… (Environmentalists vs. Unions and job creators). Mr. Leach also denounces Robert Redford’s “film on Canadian oil sands supposedly “destroying” the great northern forests…” (Only .02% of Canada’s boreal forest has been disturbed by oil sands mining since the past 40 years- TransCanada.com) Mr. Leach comments on the “indifferent” relationship that now exists between the Canadian and American administrations..,, pointing to the “indecisiveness” that creates “uncertainty” whether in economic, or national security terms…


Segment 3

Norman Leach gives an overview of the political and economic issues facing Canada today. As a “multicultural” society, Canadians face the same obstacles, fears and worries than any other major Western country…Mr. Leach comments on “homegrown” terrorism…the prospect of Isil, or Isis, …. “coming home…” Speaking of the military, Mr. Leach notes that “we never shed away [from responsibility,] serving in UN peacekeeping missions and alongside our allies in Afghanistan, Libya…or elsewhere..” Mr. Leach also speaks of the upcoming Parliamentary elections (October 2015) and what’s at stake for the Conservatives…


Segment 4

Norman leach concludes the interview by speaking about his personal interests in WWI and WWII history, film and documentaries…and as a businessman, he gives his outlook on great…developing potential markets:…:”Africa.”


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